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Yes, You Really Can Overcome Your Lifetime Of Procrastinating Behaviors In Only 30 Days (Or Less!). How? It’s A Decision


In the physical world, we’re taught that things take time. We’re told that change doesn’t happen fast and if we want to be or become something, we must work hard at it for a really long time.

And while it’s true there’s always work involved in every change, it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take a long time either. Energetically, change can happen FAST.

In fact, change can happen practically overnight. It’s all just a decision that you make and then act into.

I used to be the Queen Procrastinating Writer. In 2008, my procrastination was so bad I would literally go to bed every night and wonder if I was ever gonna get anywhere in my writing life or if I’d just float along forever, never really achieving anything that mattered to me.

I had no idea how to overcome the fears, doubts, Resistance and procrastination that had taken hold of me.

And while I worked at it for YEARS to get to a place where I could be productive with my writing, the procrastination would still take hold of me often and I’d fall off track for weeks and sometimes months. It just kept happening, no matter how much I wanted to be doing my writing.

Then in January 2017, I made a decision: I was no longer going to identify as a procrastinator. I was gonna overcome that nonsense once and for all.

Yes, I used some tools and strategies to make this happen, but for the most part, it was really just a decision.

A decision to back myself.

A decision to do the work.

A decision to enjoy the journey just as much as I desired the end result.

A decision to no longer let my patterns of the past continue operating in my present (and creating my future).

A decision to show up to the page every day, even when I didn’t feel like it; even when I had no idea what to write; even when I had a million other things that seemed more important.

And from that decision came the most unleashed and creative year I’d had up ’til that point.

It happened FAST too. Once the decision was made and I was fully committed to showing up every day and doing the work, I overcame those procrastinating behaviors within a few short weeks.

Now don’t get me wrong… procrastination is a sabotage pattern that will continue to arise and try to stop you. It’s just a part of the creative process. It’s always there in the background, waiting to pounce, like an animal stalking its prey.

But I found strategies and tools to help me push through and do the work anyhow. Even when the procrastinating patterns showed up from time-to-time.

Today, I am the most productive I’ve EVER been, in my writing life AND all of my other creative pursuits.

It’s a limiting belief that change has to take a lot of time. The truth is, change can happen in an instant.

You just have to decide and then act into it.

And I’m gonna show you HOW to do exactly that in my upcoming workshop–DONE: From Procrastinator to Productive Writer in 30 Days.

I’m breaking it all down in this workshop and giving you my insider secrets–including a couple I’ve never talked about publicly before–that helped me to overcome my procrastination that used to be so bad I one day (in 2008) found myself down on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor with a sponge, just to avoid working on my novel (and I HATE cleaning!!).

AND since it’s my 35th Birthday Celebration Week, I’m offering this workshop for ONLY $7!!! (This will be my final $7 live workshop…maybe ever, so get in NOW!)

If you’re ready to STOP procrastinating on your writing and creative work; if you’re SICK of going to bed every night disappointed in yourself for not doing the creative things you know you want to be doing; if you’re DONE repeating the same bad habit and self-sabotage patterns over and over again, year after year… you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

Anyone who fully commits to showing up every day and doing the work will walk away more productive, more confident, more focused, clearer and with the tools and strategies to overcome any procrastinating behaviors that show up, now and forever more.

>> Join us for DONE: From Procrastinator to Productive Writer, here:

This is a HUGE opportunity for you to defuse and release the sabotaging procrastination patterns that have been holding you back for most of your life. And for only $7 you’d be crazy not to take me up on it.

Let’s do this!!

Dream life or bust,




DONE starts on Monday, September 24! Even if you can’t participate live, I still highly recommend you sign up anyhow. You’ll have access to the content forever and can go back and do it at your own pace/on your own time whenever you’re ready. >> Join us for DONE here:


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