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Obsession: Moleskine

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About a month ago I was scrolling my Instagram feed when I came across a promo Moleskine was doing for Halloween: free personalization when you bought a 2018 planner.

I was seriously excited when I saw this, because I was in need of a 2018 planner AND I’d been wanting to get a personalized Moleskine notebook anyhow. So I clicked over, found the daily 2018 planner in blue and it was mine.

It arrived the other day in a cool package, check it out:

I’ve always been obsessed with notebooks and journals. Every year at school supply time, I went to the store and stocked up for the year. I like to keep a collection of unused notebooks, that way I never have to worry about running out and not having another one to use.

I’m old-school, I like to plan and brainstorm and figure stuff out by hand in my notebooks. So I’m always on the look out for new notebooks to add to my collection.

About a decade ago I came across a Moleskine notebook. It was the most beautiful notebook I’d ever seen. It had a hardcover and yet still folded flat. The pages were like butter–your pen just glided across it. There was even a pocket inside to store notecards or little bits of paper or napkin that I may have written an idea on.

I had to have it. That was my first Moleskine purchase.

Every now and then I’d come across a cool Moleskine notebook at Target or Barnes and Noble and I’d pick it up and add it to my collection of unused notebooks. And then one day about a year ago, I had a thought–if I was already the dream-life version of me–what would my writing tools be like?

Of course the first thing that came to mind was a Macbook, which I already had and will continue to have. (Apple for life!) But the next thing was Moleskine notebooks.

I just love them. They make me feel more inspired and creative. They have a great energy to them. I can write and ideate and brainstorm in my Moleskine all day long. It’s definitely one of the five items I’d take with me if I was ever stranded on a desert island.

And I knew if I was already dream-life me, I’d only write in Moleskine notebooks and nothing else. So I decided in that moment, from then on out, I’d only use Moleskine notebooks. (I even gave away all of my non-Moleskine notebooks.) 

To justify the cost of only using Moleskines (I love them–but they come with a higher price tag than most notebooks), I stopped buying all other notebooks. I even stopped looking at them at the store, because I knew there’d be no point. I was only buying and using Moleskines now.

I also recently upgraded my daily mindset journal to a Moleskine notebook. And over the summer I bought myself a MacBook Air (thanks to a liquid spill that killed my poor MacBook Pro) and figured I had to have a Moleskine backpack-laptop case to match the notebooks.

What can I say? I have an obsession! Plus, they make a great product.

But I digress. Because the real reason I’m writing this post is–OMG I need to show you my new personalized Moleskine 2018 planner!! It’s just so freaking cool!!

I wanted a Moleskine notebook that said Dream Life Or Bust, but then I saw the Halloween planner sale and I thought–no, I should get a personalized planner, that way I use it for a whole year! Especially since most of my notebooks only last for about 3 to 4 months before I run out of pages and need a new one.

I now currently have a collection of unused Moleskine notebooks sitting in my fancy box from Ikea, waiting for the ideas, stories and writing that will soon come.

Have you ever used a Moleskine notebook? What are your favorite notebooks to write in? Share in the comments.

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    • Kim

    There are four moleskines on my desk as I type this. I have been using them for years, but not exclusively…I still get tempted by other notebooks, but those usually disappoint so I should probably do what you’ve done and not even bother looking at them. Although I do like to have a pile of those cheap school notebooks on hand, I use them to whine in, I process everything through writing. Then when the whine notebooks are full, I take a brief look back to see if there was anything insightful I want to transfer to my moleskine, then I toss it.

      • Jennifer Blanchard

      @Kim Nice to meet another Moleskine-obsessed writer!

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