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The Mock-Neck Choker Tank, Three Ways

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I believe that personal style is all about taking what you have and wearing it in a way that makes you feel creative, inspired and confident. For me, that means bringing a little bit of rock’n’roll into my wardrobe. I can’t get enough grunge rock, and I love ripped jeans, studs, sparkles and anything blue.

This column is dedicated to sharing my personal style with you, and hopefully inspiring you to create your personal style by finding ways to maximize the items in your own closet.

This time around I’m styling my new mock-neck choker tank. I bought this from Express with the gift card my cousin got me for my birthday. I didn’t have anything like it yet, and I’m a fan of mock-necks. Especially when they have cut-outs and no sleeves.

Here’s how I styled my mock-neck choker tank three ways:

Look #1: Going Wine Tasting

I love wine tasting, whether I’m hitting the local wine trails with my hubs or just stopping by an Austin wine bar with a soul sister. And this is an outfit I’d definitely wear to do that. It’s comfy, casual and yet still looks dressed up and can easily go from day-to-night. Since I get cold a lot, I’d probably keep my black blazer nearby so I could throw it on when needed.

Look #2: 6th Street for the Night

Ah, 6th Street, the Austin equivalent of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Locals don’t really hang out there on weekends, but I’m still new to the city so I don’t mind going down to 6th Street for dinner on a weekend now and again. This is definitely an outfit I’d wear to dinner in downtown Austin. It’s funky and fun. Perfect for a city that prides itself on being weird.

Look #3: Hitting the Antique Shops

Another thing I love is going antiquing. It’s so much fun to find old pieces and create new uses for them. (See the vintage desk I refurbished.) When I’m antiquing, I like to be comfortable, so I can be out all day long and my feet won’t hurt. Marathon-shopping is my jam. This outfit is perfect for a long day of hitting the antique shops.

You never know how many different outfits you can make from one item until you dig through your closet and try things out. I like to choose things that are a bit unexpected and yet still look good together, like the mock-neck tank with the blue cap-sleeved shirt underneath.

Next time you think you have nothing to wear, challenge yourself to make at least 3 outfits you’ve never worn before from what you have in your closet right now. You may just surprise yourself with what you come up with.

How do you mix-and-match the clothes in your closet? Share in the comments. 

COMING SOON: Dream Life Or Bust, the digital magazine… with a “Style It 3 Ways” column in every issue. #StayTuned

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