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Amping Up Your Water Inktake


Something I’ve been trying to do for a while now is drink more water every day. I’m already a big water drinker, but I’d like to be drinking at least half my body weight in water daily. I probably don’t have to go into all of the benefits of drinking water–hydration, detoxification, better skin, less headaches, etc–because I’m sure you already know. You may even be trying to amp up your water intake right now, too. If you are, this should help you a ton.

For me, half my body weight means I need to drink around 63 ounces of water a day.

I’ve tried a reusable water bottle that’s 20 ounces–so I’d have to drink it down three times each day. I’ve tried using pretty cups and filling them multiple times a day. All of that works pretty well.

But there are five things I’ve found recently that help me hit the 63 ounce mark–or very close to it–daily.

1. Sweat for At Least 20 Minutes

On the days when I skip the gym, I drink far less water than I do on the days when I work out. It actually becomes harder for me to drink a lot of water when I’m just sitting around because I’m not active enough to be thirsty. So I drink anywhere from 20-40 ounces of water on non-movement days.

When I’m working out and sweating for at least 20 minutes, I drink between 60 and 63 ounces of water every day without a problem. I often drink 20 of those ounces while I’m exercising, which makes it easier.¬†Daily exercise has increased my water intake by a lot.

2. Track Your Water Intake

I know tracking stuff isn’t that fun sometimes, but in the beginning when you’re trying to build a habit, it helps to track what you do every day. I recently downloaded the WaterMinder app for iPhone and I use it to keep track of how much water I’m drinking.

I also measure the size of the glasses or bottles I’m drinking from–in ounces–so I have a general idea of how much water I’ve drank just by the number of times I’ve refilled the cups or bottles.

You don’t have to track it forever, but if you use a tracker in the early days, you’ll build momentum that will make you want to keep going.

3. Turn Reminders On

The WaterMinder app has a setting where you can choose to get pop-up reminders throughout the day to drink water. I don’t have very many notifications on my phone because it’s too distracting, but I actually love the “drink water” reminders that pop up all day long. Especially when I’m busy and going from task-to-task without much of a break. Those are always the times I most often forget to drink water.

An alternative to using the app would be to program reminders into your phone or computer calendar so they pop up during the day to remind you to take a drink.

4. Sip Right Out Of Bed

I keep a water bottle by my bed so when I first wake up in the morning, I can grab it and start drinking. Your body dehydrates as you sleep overnight, since you’re not intaking any water, so it’s good for your system to get some water in as soon as you can upon waking.

On occasion I’ll pour some lemon juice into my water and drink that to help with detoxifying my body.

5. Drink from A Gorgeous Glass and Pitcher

The newest thing I’ve come up with is that I’ll drink more water if it’s from a pretty glass and if the refill bottle is close enough by that I can refill without having to get out of my chair. I’ve been experimenting for a week now with great results.

So I’ve been using a gorgeous cobalt wine glass that I found at a vintage shop over Thanksgiving weekend and then refilling the glass with a cool glass water bottle I found on Etsy a few years back. (I also know that the bottle is 36 ounces, which means drinking it down twice more than fulfills my water goal for the day).

This has been the winner out of everything I’ve tried.

Something about keeping the bottle close by and I have an obsession with the color blue. It works for me.

How do you amp up your water intake? Share in the comments.

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    • chalee

    i hope you are using distilled water, otherwise you may doing more damage to yourself with the fluoride content. Bottled water has fluoride in it as well. Mineral water deposits the “minerals” in your joints, there is no such thing as “mineral water is good for you”, i.e., spring water. The best chemical in the world for your body is distilled water. Careful buying at stores. Even tho it may be labeled distilled, it’s most likely just run through a carbon filter. That doesn’t remove the fluoride.

      • Jennifer Blanchard

      @Chalee I have a Berkey with a fluoride filter

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