If you told me back in 2008 that I’d be where I am right now–the author of 10+ books and counting, working for myself, running a thriving business that grows every year… I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Even though I always knew what I was meant for.
Because back then, I was such a procrastinator it was practically my job.
I procrastinated so much that on a daily basis I’d wonder if I really did have what it took. I’d wonder if I’d ever really move past that point and finally write the damn novel I’d always dreamed of writing. Because that’s all I wanted to do.
And just to illustrate how bad my procrastination used to be… one Saturday back in 2008, I had the entire day free to spend working on my novel, but first, I decided, I had to do the dishes, clean the apartment, get groceries and finish my laundry. Once that was all done, I could work on my novel. But when that was all done, instead of working on my novel, I decided to get down on my hands and knees to scrub the bathroom floor (and I HATE cleaning!!).
I was a hot mess. I wasn’t writing consistently. And I wasn’t making very much progress in a 12-month period.
I was stagnant. Stuck. And I had no idea how to change.
Then in March of 2008, an idea struck me… what if I started a writing blog? I could call it Procrastinating Writers and I could blog about my journey to writing my first novel and how I was learning to overcome procrastination in the process.
I had no idea where it’d go from there or what bigger role it would play in my life. I just did what I could from where I was. I just started.

As one of my coaches so perfectly says, you have to build what you believe in. 

As the years rolled on, I became better and more consistent. I finished my first novel. And then my second. I learned everything I could possibly learn about storytelling and craft. I hired a badass story coach (best selling author Larry Brooks) to help me figure out where I was going wrong with my stories.
I mastered story structure, and in the process, taught it to the thousands of writers who visited my blog and were on my email list. (My blog was getting upwards of 15,000 visits a month and growing.)
All of this led to me quitting my full-time job in March 2012 to take my writing and story coaching business full-time. I then worked one-on-one with dozens of writers and helped hundreds of writers in my story planning group workshops and programs. I wrote and published 10+ eBooks (and counting), three of which hit #1 in its category on Amazon.
I finally published my debut novel, SoundCheck, in 2015, and then jumped right into the next one (which is being published in early 2018!). I started working on a screenplay.

ALL of this came from me taking that one little step… listening to the nudge from within and starting my blog, Procrastinating Writers (you can still see that blog here).

Back then I had NO PLAN. I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I was figuring it all out on my own. I was learning how to bootstrap (aka: do everything myself). I’ve been a one-woman show for most of the past decade. (Now, thankfully, I have a small team of amazing women who support me.)

And from no plan and no clue, here I stand today.

Today, I have CONQUERED my procrastination (give or take random days here and there!). I have made writing a daily priority, above everything else. I’ve written almost a thousand blog posts and now have an incredible archive of content. I created the books that I always been dreaming of writing (and some I didn’t even know I wanted to write ’til the ideas came to me along the way).

And all along, all I was doing was just taking the next clear step and building what I believed in.

I believe in writing. I believe in sharing your words and your thoughts and ideas with the world. I believe in putting your writing out there on a regular, consistent basis.
So here I am today with Dream Life Or Bust, my DREAM blog and business… the one I was always meant to have. The one that was always brewing inside me, even during those early years when I had no clue and no plan on what to do or how to do it.

I arrived at this place because I gave myself permission almost a decade ago to just take the first step. To start the blog and to write one post a week and to keep growing from there.

I had no idea it would turn out like this. I had no bigger vision back then. All I ever wanted was to just be consistent as a writer and finally write and publish my debut novel.
To be here now, with Dream Life Or Bust… it feels surreal, and yet looking back, I now see how all of the dots connect. I see exactly how each step, each setback, each seeming failure, each investment, each choice, has gotten me to this place.
I never could’ve imagined this back then. I was too stuck in the weeds of being a procrastinating writer to see it. But now when I look back, I can easily see that all of what I went through was just setting me up for this moment.
Right here, right now.

The moment where I had enough practice, enough knowledge, enough experience, and enough trust in myself and in the Universe, to finally bring to life the thing I was always meant to be doing.

Back then I couldn’t have handled it. I wouldn’t have been ready. I wouldn’t have known what the hell to do with it or how all the pieces fit together. If it had come to me back then, I would’ve cast it aside and it would’ve gotten lost in the sea of ideas that never get created.

Because I allowed myself to just take the first step and to continue building what I believed in, here I am.

But after almost a decade of building a writing and story coaching business, I finally accepted something that was bubbling up inside me for years… I’m multi-passionate. It’s who I really am, at my core and in my private life. And, frankly, I was bored with my business. I was feeling like an octopus with seven of its arms tied off so only one was flailing around doing its thing.

I wanted more.

The dream life. A life where I get to spend all of my time doing and being all of the things that I love and am passionate about and good at. And I wanted to be able to share those passions and projects with the world.

I wanted to stop playing small and stop hiding behind my writing business when I knew there was so much more to me than just the writer side.

So after fighting it for most of my life, I finally accepted that being multi-passionate isn’t a bad thing like society acts like it is. “Pick one thing,” “choose one thing,” “niche down,” “be an expert in one thing,” “if you don’t find your one thing, you’ll never be successful…” Um… fuck that shit!!

I’ve got a better one for you… for someone who’s multi-passionate, choosing one thing is a death sentence for your soul.

Multi-passionate people aren’t meant to choose just one thing. They’re meant to choose ALL of the things. And when multi-passionate people choose one thing, they fall victim to mediocrity.

And you weren’t born to be mediocre.

Some people really are just good at one thing and they thrive by niching down and choosing to focus on that one thing. And that allows them to shine their light and be extraordinary.

But when you’re multi-passionate, focusing on just one thing actually causes you to be mediocre, because you’re not really operating in your true Zone of Genius, which is being good at so many different things.

There’s power in owning your multiple passions.

And when you know you’re multi-passionate and yet you still try to force yourself to choose one thing or to do or be one thing, you’ll never really go all-in. You’ll always make excuses and find a way to procrastinate and you’ll never really feel fulfilled with whatever it is you’re doing.

You’re not meant to choose just one thing. You’re meant to choose ALL of the things.

Everything that you’re amazing at. Everything that lights you up. Everything that feels fun. Everything that excites you.

Giving yourself permission to indulge in your multiple passions is what will finally make you WANT to go all in and WANT to stop procrastinating and WANT to step up to that next level.

Avoiding it and trying to choose just one thing is what causes you to continue the pattern of not doing the work and not going all in.

Because for a multi-passionate person, choosing one thing is BORING. It’s UNINSPIRING. It’s LAME.

No one wants to go all-in on something that feels boring, uninspiring and lame. Which is why you won’t and why you haven’t. It’s why you’ve continued your procrastinating patterns for years on end. It’s why you’ve always been one-foot-in-one-foot-out on going after your dreams.

So it’s time, multi-passionate writers, artists and entrepreneurs of the world. It’s time for you to finally accept that you are multi-passionate, that you were born this way and that it serves a bigger purpose in your life for you to be this way.

And it’s time for you to own it like you’ve never, ever owned it before.

Wherever you are right now is the perfect place for you to start to build what you believe in. Now is always the right time. And if you just take the first step and then keep building, years from now you’ll look back at your dots connecting and you’ll find yourself living your dream creative life.

But you’ve always gotta take the first step.
Dream Life Or Bust is me stepping into my version of the dream creative life, where I get to do ALL of the things I love to do and I get to share them with the world. No more hiding. No more playing small.

Because I truly believe that you can be, do and have ANYTHING you set your mind to. And I know our version of the dream life is available to all of us. 

Which is why I refuse to accept anything except what I want or something better. That’s what Dream Life Or Bust means to me.
It means no back up plan. No half-in-half-out. No I’ll do this for X amount of time and if that doesn’t work, I’ll do something else.

You can have it all, be it all, do it all. Whatever you dream of. You can indulge in all of your passions and even get paid for it. You can be the multi-passionate badass you were born to be and create the life of your dreams. But you gotta throw out the back up plans.

There is only Plan A.


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